Purpose of awards: to promote student based research of riparian hydrology and ecology or methods of study related to field or laboratory investigations of these topics. Each of these projects was or could be conducted in a field setting and would help us better understand the complex but interesting relationships between soil, water, plants and animals that make up this unique ecosystem. Congratulations to all of you!

2008 SARSEF winning projects

High School

  1. Nick Barraza, Tucson High Magnet School, Variability and trends in mountain snowpack in Arizona
  2. Caitlin Horton, Rio Rico High School, A comparison of Cottonwoods and Tamarisk' soil pH along the Santa Cruz River

Honorable Mention

Middle School

  1. Jeannie Wilkening, Wilson Middle School, Analyzing non-point source pollution
  2. Stephen Yao & Rubin Morales, Doolen Middle School, Are landslides associated with certain types of soil
  3. Brett Tocci, St Joseph's Catholic School, A study of microclimates in Tucson

Honorable Mention

Elementary School (un-judged - but interesting sounding projects)